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Healing the Female Reproductive Tract – Whole Food Eating Guide

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[veggies] [fruit] [beans & legumes] [grains]  [pcos] [pms] [nuts & seeds] [fats & oils] [fish]….what to do?


Holistic healing for your body is not only through the mind and spirit.  It has a lot to do with your whole life style and the choices that you make.  What you eat, the activities you choose, your mindset, your energy, the people you are with….

Healing needs to happen in the mind and soul first before the physical body.  Whole body healing is a great deal also about what you eat.

Your body’s cells depend on the food you eat to reproduce, repair, and thrive.  Whole food makes ‘whole, healthy’ cells.  Processed, refined package foods, and junk fast foods (think Supersize Me, a documentary movie on the ills of fast food eating & living) create cells that are degenerated, and less healthy than the original parents cell.  A lifetime of non-whole food eating and your cells have progressively degenerated many, many, many times.  This is degenerative disease.

Read this interesting article here about grouping of whole foods – Your Whole Food Eating Guide: http://wisewomenredtent.com/2014/05/27/healing-the-female-reproductive-tract/

One thought on “Healing the Female Reproductive Tract – Whole Food Eating Guide

  1. Thanks for posting! Sending reiki love!

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