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Leaving your dog with friends or family or hired hand

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Gentle Touch Dog Training on Settlement Drive

Leaving you beloved canine with friends or family or hired help could be a no-brainer or it, could be a disaster. So how can you set it up so it’s likely smooth going?

Dog Care-taking Safety Checklist

  1. ID and Rabies Tag on Dog, recent photo of dog:
  2. Vet Clinic phone number, location, preferred vet:
  3. Address and phone number here (if it’s dog sitting):
  4. Where puppy parents will be:
  5. Cell phone/ other phone to contact:
  6. Emergency neighbor/relative – if you have a dog sitter have someone you know that might drop in to check how things are going:
  7. Allergies;
  8. Dog’s fears or issues and known cues and favorite things:
  9. Medications:
  10. Foods/amounts/times usually fed:
  11. Special instructions or routines to follow:

Engage someone to do this who knows and likes your dog, who is reliable and who has cared well for their own animal(s). If it’s a dog sitter have them do some…

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