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12 Unexpected Uses For Vodka

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Forget about #martinis and #vodka #sodas, these surprising uses for vodka are about to change how you look at liquor!

You can start using the Vodka lying around your home.

1. Leave your glass streak free.
Mix vodka and water to create a concoction that will leave the glass in your home — whether it be windows or mirrors or even eye glasses — perfectly clean, sans the streaks that traditional cleaners can leave behind.

2. Keep odors at bay.
Spraying vodka onto fabric around your home is the perfect way to lift stubborn smells. Just pour a little of the spirit into a spray bottle and say goodbye to the pesky odors sticking to your furniture, clothes and shoes.

3. Clean your jewelry.
Soaking gemstone-based jewelry, think diamonds, rubies and sapphires, in a bowl of vodka for a few seconds will leave your pieces sparkling like new.

4. Disinfect household items.
A quick vodka wash will leave toothbrushes, hairbrushes and even razor blades as good as new.

5. Rid your yard of weeds.
Spray a mixture made up of one ounce vodka, two cups water and a few drops of dish soap onto weeds that grow in direct sunlight. The solution, coupled with the sunshine, will dry out the weeds.

6. Keep cut flowers fresh.
Pour a few drops of vodka and a teaspoon of sugar into the vase water to keep your floral arrangements looking their best. Make sure to switch out the water every other day, adding fresh vodka and sugar each time.

7. Kill mildew and mold.
Spray straight vodka right onto the mold or mildew, wait ten minutes, then rinse the area clean. The problem should be eliminated, especially if it was located on caulking.

8. Fashion your own air freshener.
Mixing vodka with essential oils is the easiest way to create a personalized fragrant air freshener.

9. Remove goo left behind by stickers and labels.
Saturating the sticky residue left behind by stickers with vodka makes the goo incredibly easy to remove. The same goes for pain-free bandage removal.

10. Bring the shine back to your chrome fixtures.
Wiping a washcloth soaked in vodka over formerly shiny spots will lift any soap scum or stains left by hard water.

11. Get rid of rust.
Let rusty screws sit in a bowl of vodka for several hours. When you remove the screws all the rust will wipe right off.

12. Lift difficult stains.
Blot tough stains, such as grass or vomit, with a vodka soaked washcloth before throwing the pieces into the laundry. The liquor can also be used to clean deep stains, like red wine and lipstick, out of carpets and furniture.

Source: House Beautiful
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