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Tracy Tsai, BA, RP, RAP-CRA

Tracy is a registered Reiki Master Practitioner with the Canadian Reiki Association. She is dedicated to providing holistic wellness and balance to both people and our beloved animals. Helping others to heal is her life’s passion. She has worked with both people and animals in various stages of their lives, documenting the positive results achieved. Her interest in Complementary & Alternative health care begin more than a decade ago. She has extensive knowledge on crystal-healing and often incorporates this in her Reiki Energy healing sessions. Therapeutic crystals can provide a unique and powerful way to help restore us to the vital and radiant expressions of life force we were born to be. Our bodies have the innate ability to heal but sometimes the path to healing is forgotten or blocked by imbalances. Reiki is able to provide healing by restoring positive balances to where your mind and body needs it the most.

How you can benefit from working with Tracy:

  • Stress reduction, Calming anxiety, depression ;
  • Strengthening the immune system;
  • Complementary pain management to ease acute and chronic conditions
  • Preparation for surgery & Enhancing recovery from surgery;
  • Support for cancer care
  • Support for all stages in life (Children, Women’s health, fertility/infertility, pre-natal, pregnancy, post-pregnancy)
  • Creating a sense of well-being & balance
  • Deepen your spiritual connection with mind & body

The language of Reiki is compassion. This is what the practice of Reiki is and the positive foundation Tracy has established her practice on. She believes who we are at the core being – is in an essence of who we are and how we radiate ourselves on a mental and physical capacity.

Let Tracy lead you on your path to healing and help you expand into the potential of your positive energy space.

By appointment at Jericho Integrated Health Clinic in Point Grey, Vancouver, BC.

For any questions or appointment requests:  info@positivereiki.com

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