P O S I T I V E r e i k i

for holistic wellness and balance in life

What happens at a Reiki Session

A general summary of how a Reiki Energy healing session will be like

(Length of time:  75 – 90 mins):

  • We will start off with a 10 minute discussion on the issues you would like to focus on and set up of short and long term healing goals.  Sometimes this may not be apparent immediately and we can work together to discover what they are. Your session will be unique and will be customized to your healing needs.
  • You will lay down fully clothed (dress comfortably) with your shoes removed on the massage table.
  • A breathing and guided meditation will follow to allow you to come to a calmer and balanced state of mind.
  • The session will begin with an assessment of your chakras and energy field.
  • Reiki Energy healing will begin with various gentle & non-invasive healing points from your head to your feet.
  • Your chakras will be balanced and the session will end gently with bringing your awareness back to the room.   All findings and observations will be documented and shared with the client at the end of the session.
  • Discussion of the session will take place for feedback and observations.
  • You will be given homework to continue to support your healing path.

HERE are some tips on how you can prepare before and after your sessions.


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