P O S I T I V E r e i k i

for holistic wellness and balance in life


 (Kevin. T – Global Investment Services – Vancouver, BC)

I have never heard of Reiki before the session although I am familiar with the concepts of Chi and alike. I expected a calming and quiet feeling going into the session.

Number of Reiki Sessions 1
What happened during the session? During the session, I felt heat from Tracy’s hands when her hands were just hovering over me. It was a calming sensation and amazingly, Tracy felt that I had some stomach issues and asked me about it after the session!
How did you feel after the session? I felt very relaxed and calm. However, I also felt quite thirsty and according to Tracy, that is perfectly normal as it shows that the Reiki session is doing its job!
Would you recommend Reiki to others? Absolutlely! Go in with an open mind and you’ll definitely be glad you went in for a Reiki session after feeling the results!


 (H.C. in Financial Services – Vancouver, BC)
Prior to the session, I knew nothing about what Reiki session was about. However, I expected a relaxing, calming, and healing session before the session.

Number of Reiki Sessions 2
What happened during the session? During the session, I could feel the heat flowing through her hands which made me feel very comfortable. It felt like I was in a different level of sleep, not fully asleep, but also dreaming consciously. I could also see different color of lights. The atmosphere throughout the session was very calming, soothing, and pleasant. It was a very unique and amazing experience!
How did you feel after the session? After my first session, I felt very relaxed and calmed. The experience of my first session was beyond my expectation. The second session I came with a headache and Tracy managed to help me relaxed, and after the session, my headache went away.
Would you recommend Reiki to others? I would definitely recommend the Reiki session to those who believe in a well-balanced life, want to take away the negative emotions, and live with only positive energy.


(A.Y.  in Insurance Securities – Port Coquitlam, BC)

I was being skeptical before the sessions so didn’t expect a lot beforehand.

Number of Reiki Sessions 2
What happened during the session? On the first session , I was so nevrous that didn’t get into it almost the whole time but that totally changed on my 2nd session and I did feel so relaxed and calm. It’s hard to describe the feeling in words. There’s warmness feeling around you and just like you are soaking under the sun. That sounds silly but it really is.
How did you feel after the session? I was feeling so relaxed and calm. Definitely wanna do it again. Tracy did a good job and her belief in Reiki also make me believe in it as well. I was so amazed and surprised.
Would you recommend Reiki to others? Yes of cuz, totally recommend to others. I would also recommend that be open minded and relax on your first time to maximize the effect.


(J.L. in Government Industry – Vancouver, BC)

To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect before the session. In fact, I was even a little skeptical. However, I was going through a rough time in life. Mentally, I was feeling stressed out and feeling unmotivated from work. Physically, I was also going through a bad luck phase where I keep getting into accidents and injuring myself physically. It just felt like everything in my life was going wrong. Knowing how I was feeling, a good friend recommended that I try out a Reiki session. I figured, why not, what have I got to lose?

Number of Reiki Sessions 2
What happened during the session? At the beginning of my first session, my Reiki practitioner, Tracy, spent 5-10 minutes explaining what Reiki is all about, what I should focus on during the session, and what she will be doing the session. She asked me some questions on what my concerns are, without being invasive, so she can focus on certain areas of my body during the session. During the session, she had me lay down on the bed as I listen to a soothing voice and music so my body and mind can relax. At my relaxed state, she would lightly touch certain parts of my body (for example: my face, ears, stomach, legs, feet, nothing inappropriate) and it’s hard to explain, but it almost feels like some negative energy is being released. The feeling is the most prominent on my head. The strange part is that her hands weren’t even touching my head, they were just hovering over my head, but I still felt it.
How did you feel after the session? After the session, I was surprised. I didn’t expect to feel like this. I definitely felt more relaxed, less tense, and lighter in general. It felt like the negative energy or worries have been released from my body. It felt like I just had a massage, but without the painful kneading, almost like a touchless massage. Before the session, I had mention to Tracy that I’ve been having a lot of bad luck and getting into a lot of accidents lately. Since she’s also a gemstone specialist, she recommended a couple gemstones to me that says should help me get rid of the bad luck and help my wounds heal quicker. Since I have no idea where to get the gemstones, she even made me bracelets made of those gemstones (at a reasonable price) which she had ready by my next Reiki session. I can’t say for sure whether those gemstone bracelets helped rid me of the bad luck, but I have been accident free since I’ve been wearing those bracelets.
Would you recommend Reiki to others? Yes I would recommend it to everyone, especially to those people who doesn’t like the physical touching of massages. In Reiki, you get some light touches, but after the session, you get that relaxing feeling you get after a massage.



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