P O S I T I V E r e i k i

for holistic wellness and balance in life

Gemstone Healing


Gemstones can have profound effects on healing the body and mind.  It can assist in restoring balance and harmonies to our lives.  Electromagnetic frequencies generated by computers, cellphones, electricity, television is a result of our modern society.  Reiki chakra balancing along with the use of therapeutic gemstones can increase sense of well-being, more energy, better sleep, and improved pain control.  (Excerpts from Gemstone Energy Medicine).

For all sessions, if therapeutic gemstones can assist in your path to balance and harmony, I will recommend this accordingly to your experience and phase.  Therefore, suggestions can vary from individual to individual.

I will create an unique gemstone jewelry (earrings/necklace/pendant/bracelet) or amulet key chain or pouch specifically for you.

Each piece will be Reiki charged with instructions on how to cleanse your gemstones.

Price: $15-200 (depending on type and availability)

*Genuine Gemstones only.

Please submit your request below:

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