P O S I T I V E r e i k i

for holistic wellness and balance in life

Using Gems for Healing

Gemstones Feng Shui enhancement uses
Amethystamethyst_cluster Calms angre temperment
Calms/Soothes OCD in children & animals
Cure insomnia/stimulate pleasant dreams
Enhance creativity and passion
Focus and success
For luck and prosperity (reduce tendency to overspend/gambling addictions
Grieving lost of loved ones
Purifies aura of any negative energy or attachment (protective shield)
Spirituality & contentment
Strengthens imagination and thinking process
Wear as engagement/eternity ring for fidelity, or call back lost love
Citrine543779 Premier stone of manifestations, imagination, and personal will.
Warm and comforting, energizin and life giving
Stimulate chakras and stirs the soul to action to awaken creativity and imagination
Fresh beginnings and new pursuits
Never hold/accumulate negative energy – transmutes, dissipates, and grounds it
Extremely protetive
Merchant’s stone – increase wealth/maintain it
Encourages generosity/sharing
Professional support stone (sales, banking, casinos, construction, media, productivity in government work)
Interpersonal relationships – soothes family/group problems (promotes solutions)
Attract love and happiness
Protects against spite and jealousy
Gift of Citrine to newborn brings intelligence, health, happiness, curiosity, confidence, and healing wisdom
Place in wealth corner of your home/business
Ruby Coming Soon
Aventurine tumblestones
Absorbs electromagnetic smog
Aligns conditions for opportunities
Associated with Family and Health & Prosperity and Abundance area
Balance male/female energies
Best for fertility/conceiving a babystrength, and purification)
Boosts luck of chance
Encourage perseverence in life’s obstacles
Enhance creativity and motivation
Guards against environmental pollution
Luckiest gemstone for prosperity and wealth
Mature love
Release old patterns/habits/disappointments for new growth
Safety in Travel
Soothing quick tempers
Stone of opportunity
Wood Energy (E/SE areas of home or room)
Clear Quartz Coming Soon
Lapis Lazulis Coming Soon
Sodalite Coming Soon
Rhodonite Coming Soon
Garnet Stone of success for business
Heal emotional problems
Lucky stones for love, success, and for goals
Executive gem
Pearl Coming Soon
Black TourmalineĀ jew-pendant-spe-black-tourmaline Assoicated with Career and Life Path area
Guards against radiation (computers/cellphones) and environmental pollutants (electromagnetic smog)
Highly useful in purifying and neutralizing one’s own negative thoughs/internal conflicts – turn into positive, usable energy
Industry use grade for electrical tuning circuits/conducting television/radio frequencies
Powerful Grounding stone (self-confidence, clearer objective view of world) – Excellent for those who must live/work in challenging/stressful environment
Premier stone of protection (Psychic shielf deflecting and dispelling negative energies, entities, or destructive forces
Protection against complainers that burden you with their problms but do nothing to improve their situations
Water energy (stilness and quiet strength, and purification)

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