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Pets | QA

Toffee 2014 Jan

“Toffee”, my wonderful pet dog


Q: Are reiki sessions the same for both humans and animals?

Reiki healing sessions will be similar for both humans and pets in the same non-invasive hand laying positions.  Direct touch may occur or not depending on the condition and type of animal.

Most animal chooses to lie down on a familiar spot.  They may get up to walk around and or come to me for reiki during our sessions.

Because each session is unique, positions may be altered to suit individual needs.

Reiki is available for all types of animals: dogs, cats, birds, rabbits…etc.

Q: Can you use crystal healing on pets?

Crystals can be used to enhance and compliment each session.  This will be up to the owner and as the individual animal sees fit.

Some animals will be drawn to specific gemstones.  I will discuss with you in advance the condition and state of your animal pet and bring specific crystals for the session.

Q:  What will happen to my pet after the session?

I have observed general total relaxation after treatments.  They will lie down and fall into a deep sleep.  They may do something out of the regular routine (e.g. dislike drinking water but will drink water willingly). I have also seen pets sighing or gasping out air – releasing blocked energy.

Always ensure water is available.  If you have any questions, please contact me: info@positivereiki.com.

Q: How soon or often can my pet receive reiki healing again?

The quicker you treat animals, the quicker their return to health and balance. Since animals can’t talk, we need to be aware of subtle changes in our pet’s behavior.

I recommend 4 sessions to see continuous balancing for your animal pet.  Future treatments can continue as they go.

Note: The 4 session reiki package has no expiry date.  You can also gift this to someone else as well.

Q:  Can I combine reiki with other treatments?

Absolutely. Reiki is a form of holistic wellness healing that complements other on-going professional care your animal is currently receiving.

Reiki healing is beneficial on its own at anytime for promoting wellness and balance in life.

Q:  I am traveling with my pet.  How can I follow up with reiki sessions for my pets?

I recommend Distant Reiki healing sessions.  I will obtain some information from you regarding your pet animal and provide reiki healing from a distance on an agreed specified date and time.  This is equally healing as an in person session.  It allows mobility and flexibility for maintenance while the client is away.  Past clients have noted that healing have been received and they were able to see immediate improvements for the pet animal.



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