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Lavender Healing Spray for Dogs

Lavender Healing Spray – Just For Dogs!


100% Natural – No Harsh Chemicals!

Handmade in Vancouver, BC with Love

USE Daily For :

  1. Stress & Anxiety Relief
  2. Induce Relaxation
  3. Energy Cleansing
  4. Dog Shelters
  5. Crates
  6. Kennels
  7. Pet Day Care
  8. Pet Training Centers
  9. Pet Grooming Facilities
  10. Vet Hospitals
  11. Pet Grooming Needs
  12. Natural body scent
  13. Dandruff
  14. Natural Insect Repellent
  15. Insect Bites
  16. Help deter mites
  17. Calming Facial Mist
  18. Natural Ear Refresher
  19. Silverfish
  20. Pets Litter
  21. Reduce Odor


This amazing Lavender Spray contains Positive Reiki & Crystal Gemstones – infused purified water with pure Lavender oil (therapeutic grade Lavender angustifolia from France) and a splash of fine vodka.  The scent is a wonderful soft and fragrant Lavender smell.  There is no Lavender Healing Spray like this on the market.

Lavender oil

Stunning Image by K. White

This is perhaps one of the most versatile herbs and essential oils in the world, and the therapeutic uses for its pure essential oil are seemingly endless. The amazing Lavender plant comes in 39 different species, though only 1 is considered to be the official Lavender use for therapeutic-grade Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia – formerly called Lavandula Officinalis).

mixed gems

The Positive Reiki & Crystal Gemstones-infused  purified water is Reiki charged and crystal-infused with the following types of selected gemstones:

Dark Green Aventurine – Helps to purify the physical body of pets, especially vital organs.  Deeply soothing and uplifts overall physical health.  Pets with organ weakness can benefit.

Leopardskin Jasper – Helps attract beneficial influences, whatever that is needed to enhance your pet’s physical health.  Help enhance ability to utilize nutrients, or even a new friend!

Lavender – helps awaken the soul and help sooth and promote healing.  Lavender can help open up your pet’s inner aspects to improve the effectiveness of any type of energy medicine.

Rhodonite – Helps with emotional transformation, stabilizing emotions.  It can soothe, restore to order any of your pet’s feelings that are scattered, imbalanced, or imbalanced.  This allows for steady upliftment and provide your pet with emotional foundation, felling more solid and secure.  Our Lavender Healing Spray is GREAT for home use or dog shelters, doggy day cares, pet resorts, and vet hospital use.

Sodalight – Helps to purify the aura of the pet.  Their sense of unity and purpose will deepen along with awareness.

Carnelian – Helps to revitalize your pet’s entire being.  The vital orange color of Carnelian deeply relaxes your pet’s mind, emotions, and physical cells to release disharmony and disease.  Orange ray is key ingredient for life, expect to feel revitalized and energized.

Citrine – Helps to instill pure positivity to revitalize your pet’s being.  It helps to unwind tension (especially when pets are left in an unfamiliar or uncomfortable setting).  Citrines works to increase flexibility in the cells, organs and body as a whole, encouraging your pet’s body to relax and move into overall alignment.  Citrine is very healing for skin, eliminative organs, intestines, bladder, kidneys, and liver.

Black Tourmaline – Helps to provide grounding energies for your pet.  It is a stone of purification, cleansing the emotional body of negative feelings.  It can help increase physical vitality and rebalance the root chakra of pets increasing total-wellbeing.

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Shipping Info

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How to use this Spray


Shake your bottle before each use & Spray Liberally!

For stress & anxiety relief

You can use this spray anywhere.  Spray into the physical space for positive energy cleansing.  This is especially good for your pet play areas, pet resting areas, dog shelters, doggy day Care (often a very stressful environment for pets), pet spas, pet resorts, pet grooming stores, pet stores, and any time you feel your space requires a positive energy cleansing.

The wonderful Lavender Scent will help provide relief for stress and anxiety, working with the reiki and crystal gemstones infused water.  100% Natural Healing and safe for pets undergoing medical treatment or recovering from illness.  The Lavender oil will also gently and effectively work in reducing pet odors.  Safe for daily use.

As a Natural insect repellent for both indoors and outdoors

Image by POSITIVE reiki

This all natural Lavender mist can also be used as a natural insect repellent during the raining season when walking your dog. Before going on walks, spray from neck to tail area, run or brush your pet’s fur coat.

Ear Refresher
It is excellent in deodorizing the ear and also providing a natural antiseptic Effect. It can also help naturally deter mites. Always test small area first.

Spray to a cotton pad and gently wipe on the ears.

*If your pet is experiencing any symptoms, always check with your veterinarian.

For Pets Bedding & to calm anxiety


Image Source: Lushome.com

Also great for freshening bedding area for pets, leaving a gentle Lavender smell that helps to calm anxiety in dogs. This is also excellent to use in naturally deterring mites.

Spray 4 – 6 times in bedding area, pet play area, pet stores, pet grooming, pet spas, doggy day care, doggy day spas, training centres, kennels, and vet hospital.



Non-Toxic –  Cats

Lavender is beautiful and smells wonderful. Many people love to keep lavender around the house and use products that contain lavender flowers or lavender oil. Cats, too, have a fondness for aromatic plants that are tasty and may be drawn to a fragrant herb such as lavender. The ASPCA and Animal Planet do not include lavender on their lists of plants and herbs that are potentially poisonous to cats, meaning a lavender plant in your garden or home poses no danger.

Note: Not for internal use. Always test on small area (skin or objects) before use.  Store in a shaded place when not in use.


50 Fantastic Uses for Lavender Essential Oil and Lavender Therapy by Jennifer Schulman

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Crystal Vault & Gemisphere

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    for daily info on wellness and balance in life for all!



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