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Why You Should Smell Like Lavender

The Scent Of Lavender Helps You Trust


Could the smell of lavender increase trustworthiness? Recent findings published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology suggest that the scent of this flowering plant can promote relaxation, which can, in turn, help promote mutual trust. Previous studies have even shown that such aromatic compounds can support cognition and emotional and physical well being, overall.

“Mutual trust is the social glue of society,” Sellaro said in a news release. “Interpersonal trust is an essential element for social co-operation bargaining and negotiation.”

For the study, researchers exposed one group of participants to the scent of lavender and another to the scent of peppermint. Following exposure, participants were asked to play a trust game involving money. Those given the trust role received five Euros and were free to decide how much of the money to give to the trustee participants during each round. The study showed that the “trustor” would receive extra money, but only if the “trustee” returned a certain amount back.

Study results revealed that “trustor” participants gave significantly more when they were exposed to the scent of lavender as opposed to peppermint.

“Our results might have various serious implications for a broad range of situations in which interpersonal trust is an essential element. Smelling the aroma of lavender may help a seller to establish more easily a trusting negotiation to sell a car, or in a grocery store it may induce consumers to spend more money buying products. The smell of lavender may also be helpful in sport psychology to enhance trust and build team spirit, for example in the case of team games such as soccer and volleyball,” researchers concluded.

“If you #smell like #lavender, #people will think you’re more #trustworthy.”

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